Thursday, March 08, 2007



Got the Sonny Crit photos ups

Messed w/a pic D-Bo took (thanks for the shot Dan)

Found this cool site somewhere clickin' along the net. Just when I think I've finished reading the entire web, they keep putting more stuff up.

Don't forget the fast JB and the USAC MB Team are down in Argentina, w/the help of our master wrench Roberio, gettin' ready to giv'r.

As only Roberio could say - "Very be careful",

and kick some butt.

More racing this weekend if the rain stays away



Dude! Quit laying on the course, ur scaring the Dewey out of pansy ass racer types skeered of a camera weilding JB!!!!! Or was it a Danbo???
it wasn`t me,,,,????????? or was it???????????? anywayz.........
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