Monday, April 16, 2007


Questions Answered

1st - (Bike) Lust never ends, heck it probaly drives the whole US Economy in one form or another. Just check out these new Lew Wheels (JD told me about 'em on the ride Friday).


Some lust is never meant to be sated. Doesn't mean we can't dream.
But the Vegas test ride DOES seem like a nifty idea ......... I do have a birthday coming up .....

2nd - Yes those Reynolds wheels look good on just about any Team C'Dale.
Bad weather forces cancellation of the Crit this weekend.

Are you photo shopping???
You KNOW I'm a photo shopper
"bike lust" that just cracks me up.

Sorry I could not join the fun Tues night at for the celebration! Sounds like you have a great day.
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