Wednesday, April 18, 2007



The fixey gets some new handlebars.

Some would ask Y?

Some wouldn't.

I say Y NOT?

The Tour de Georgia was more than likely decided today as a break of 6-8 got away and stayed away, finishing with a 7-8 mile lead. With many teams represented, the peleton was not motivated to chase.

They have a slick looking live interface that almost works some of the time. But it is free. The last descent looked wicked fast and quite sketchy, maybe it was the shakey internet video feed, maybe not. The leaders were FLYING down the thing. One of 'em went over a guard rail but finished nonetheless.

I like Y-Not pizza!!!
I am in the "wouldn't" camp with that one. There is just to much to concentrate on (for me) to deal with aero bars on a fixie. However, I so very often ask myself WhatWouldJimDo in situations like these, and obviously you are on the cutting edge.
hey , are you on hiatus........
DUDE! Its been one month!!!!!!!!!
hey,is there anybody in there, juzz nod if you can hear me.......
is there anybody home......
John, what's up? We're getting worried here.
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