Sunday, July 08, 2007


Goins' On

Props to everyone that made the journey to Natz at 7Springs and rode their hearts out. BJ makes it 2 years in a row with double podiums! WOW. Truly inspirational.

Looks like we were represented well at the Commonwealth games too , with white wrapper Nilla Wafer bringing home the jangle.

Might have been the best Stage 1 in LayTourDayF history. Have to admit never real liking McEwen a lot, especially after the head check thing last year, but certainly gained mountains of respect for him today. OTB with less than 8k to go then works his way up to and through a 150 + rider field to take the sprint. And while QuickStep have the pace pinned. Amazing.

My Weekend was centered around a few long days on the MTBs.
Friday was MMM - Many Miles of Marl. Round and Round the Ravine at YRSP. Made a day of it. Realized that even though you can put enough fluid in a 100 oz bladder for 4 hours of riding, it'll be pi** warm after 3 hours at 95 degrees and hard to swallow.

One way to break my brake addiction is to let the bike fall over in the parking lot breaking the front brake lever. Laps with one brake gave rise to the fastest times ever.

I've never been a great log-hopper, but after crossing the (seemingly) 1,000's of logs at the Crankey Monkey with nary a bobble or balk my confidence had grown from none to just enough to get in trouble.

and trouble was in the form of this fallen tree. Got tired of dismounting, so gave it a go ........... which led to a big

OUCH , just when that leg was almost healed enough to shave. At least I hit the other side of the knee cap that was slammed 2 weeks ago.

When in doubt : clear a re-route. So I did.

Legs felt fine but the heat slowly drained my mojo lap by lap, so a 30 minute break and bike change was in order before round 2.

All in all a good day of heat training. 6.5 hours in, a mile for each year of my life +4 or 5.

Only bummer of the day was the 3 hours it took to drive 25 miles from YRSP to NN. No fun sitting in the car covered with a days worth of sweat and grime. I wanted to give the entire road an enema, it was seriously constipated.

Saturday AM group ride at the NN Conte's. Nice crowd. Rode with XXX for a while (til the BIG hammers dropped). He had a nice ride goin' up at the Tour de Burg. Leaving with a day left in the race to go work, he still had the KOM jersey. Of course the fast, skinny, and young JB ruled.

A few Tour de Burg reports here, and here. And if you haven't heard someone fixed this years Tour de Burg ! ! How bout dat. Read about it here.

Afternoon was more fat tire loops, this time at the Lake Maury trails.

Sunday was a day of rest and recovery .........



Heal Quick Wild Bill

bj is truly an juzz don`t get no betta....
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