Saturday, June 30, 2007


MTB Saturday

Plan was to get to the Ravine by 8AM. Plans can and do run amuk. On the trail by 10AM. Saw some good advice at the trailhead. A few loops in by noon. Had a tough race with this dude. He was strong on the uphills, dropped him on a downhill.

Saw Susan and Duane in the parking lot, where I met a friend who made it around the Ravine on just the 2nd time on a MTB ever. Well done. Out at 3PM to the NY deli for a quick snack then off to round 2 :

Site of the 18 hour race. Where the first group was already finishing a muddy sloppy sliding lap.

An-Twan was there, and many of the Richmond crew, miss seein' those folks. CyclesEd and the militia did an awesome job reworking the course which is 70% backwared from last year and %30 brand new trail. Today, after 3 inches of rain, it was %110 slime, but still amazingly ridable. That place holds humidity like a sauna. The air is so thick you could cut it.

Sloppy stuff

What's with all the bad karma?

We're falling like dominos. Laura, then Wild Bill, who ended up in surgery, now the dawg. Freakin' weird stuff.

RideOn and RideSafe.


tomorrow Southside Speedway.

Yeah, what is this, lots of freaky mishaps. Nice painted turtle.
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