Monday, July 02, 2007


If Your Bike Were a Shovel ..........

Just how far would you bury yourself .........

to win that sprint?

Those thoughts were going through my mind at the Win and Out this weekend at Southside Speedway in Richmond. Wasn't planning on driving up for the Go Fast Turn Left #2, but the Scout Camp was open for a pre-ride Saturday evening, and was only a short drive away, so why not?

Props to Braden Govoni, Sprintclub, and Richmond Ciclismo for organizing the event. Nice to see a new (to many) style of racing out there.

The "Win and Out" starts with a neutral rolling lap, then's it's ON. 500 meter track,

Winner of the first lap gets 1st place,

winner of the second lap gets 2nd place,

winner of the third lap gets 3rd place, etc., etc., till the end.

Thanks to KD for the pics

Gives rise to some pretty interesting strategy. Bury yourself on a sprint, get nosed out, then you have to go around again to the next sprint which is a scant 30-35 seconds away. Fun, fast racing. Over in a flash (or in my case 1500 meters). Guaranteed to leave your lungs burning and your legs quivering. I realized when unloading my bikes that I haven't been on a road bike for 2 weeks. NICE. Nothing against road bikes .......... BUT

The C5 Crit was, just as they are, a sketch-fest, but no one went down. I was confused from the beginning and never got in the "groove". Had trouble finding a wheel, was outside (and safe) with my nose in the wind much of the race. When I wasn't, I was at the back and having full view of the carnival. Lots of sudden left to right snap moves in the middle of the turns at 25+. At one point Albe says to me "That was close". It was. Then it was again, then again. Albe gives a great desciption of the antics - "People looking for an apex that just isn't there." It's a banked oval people, hold your line like it's a straight. Yeesh. My subconscious is asking me ("What the heck are you doing here?"). I Either misjudged or miscounted laps. A bell with 3 or 4 to go threw me off too. Thought there was one more lap, but the race was over. Seemed like everyone was coasting across the line. Glad I survived another one. Didn't have the legs or the focus to get up front. Just had no game. AJ (Fat Frogs) got away with another and took the win. He's on great form.

Was WAY over geared an the fixey. Had a 52/14. Not a lot of snap in those numbers. Especially noticed it in the standing start kilo TT. First lap was a whole 10 seconds slower than the second.

Still was a great day and nice 2 day road trip. Really looking forward to the 18 hr race. Great course, great people, it's gonna be a blast. Unfortunately it's the same day as GoFast Turn Left #3.

I didn't hang out for the rest of the days events but heard TriPower was well represented. WTG Team

RideOn and RideSafe

Heal quickly Wild Bill


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