Sunday, June 17, 2007


Local Junk

While many the crew were spread out around the Commonwealth at the State TT, Bryan Park Road race or doing the Knott's Island Century (JDiesel made it a double+ -----> 213 miles on a fixey!), I needed to get my fat tire junk together before my Monkey gets Cranked next weekend. Odds are my Monkey will get spanked before it's Cranked, but it's still better to be prepared. Especially for a GOOD SPANKIN'.

Numerous hours this weekend wrenchin' 3 bikes that've seen less time on the trail than Paris has in jail.

New pads for the RIG

Many mods for the PIG :

Off with the old, on with the new,

New shoes to replace the old boots.

If your X-Country MTB tires stand up on their own when they're off the rim, they probably :

a.) Weigh too much
b.) Have really strong sidewalls (and weigh too much)
c.) Are ready for your Pugsley and the Iditarod (and weigh too much)
d.) Would be better of used as boat bumpers
e.) All of the above (and they weigh, weigh, weigh ... WAY WAY WAY too much.)

A chop chop here,

A hack hack there,

some cushy new handles.

A few on-trail pressure checks,

and the CDale was rollin' like never before. DIALED in like a bad AM Station. Was REALLY impressed with the cornering. All the front end washout (that I'd grown to despise) was gone. At the traction boundries the rear would slide out in a nice controllable manner. Even had the 2 wheel Tokyo Drift goin' a few times. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET.

Was tryin' CD's count to 3 thing, When you want to brake, count to 3 before you do ........... then you won't need to anymore.

Can't help but give HUGE kudos to whoever is workin the Maury trails. Numerous reroutes with some fresh benchcuts since a month ago, and many a new TTF. So whoever you are, I owe you an ice cold one (or 6).

Eternally indebted ............... thank you.

Even stumbled upon a hidden Bamboo forest, made me think I was in TIE-Land.

Off to prep my Monkey .............. so he's ready for a good


Got to admit, sometimes I count to three real fast.
Heck, I found myself just skipping 1 AND 2 many times. Just go straight to 3. Still a good exercise.
don`t use the brakes, just quit peddaling sooner,and carve that turn!!!!!!!!!!!
Those grips are super comfy, no?
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