Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Weekend Plans Run Amuk

Had big plans for the weekend.

MTBing Friday.

4 groups rides Saturday and more MTBing in the evening.

More MTBing Sunday.

Top secret heat training the following week.

Out at 5:25AM to finally make it down to the oceanfront for the beginning of of the Norwegian Lady/BlueTrain/6AM loop. Not many there. JF, our fearless leader, (el presidente') asks if I'm ready for the weekend. I'm thinking - When did I tell him about my plans?, and ask "For what?"

"The time trial.", he says.

WTF. How did we get to the end of July already? Where did the summer go? I thought I had another week or 2 before the 2nd PLT TT. Oh well. Later verified it with TomF and BJ. Yep. TT this weekend. Going to have to rearrange things. This racing thing is interfering with my training.

Nevertheless the 6AMer was steady and fast. Only 8-10 on the way out. Just 6 or 7 on the way back. Pull in to the 7:15er and see why. Seems like everyone was saving themselves for that loop. Enough horsepower in the group to plow many a furrow. Ended up doing some threshold intervals on Shore Drive as I tried to rearrange the weekend schedule in my head. Still nice to have 2 1/2 hours in before 8AM. Best way to start the day.



I'm very sad about the VINO thing. Heroes are hard to find these days.

Nice Neptune shot.
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