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I usually don't have a problem getting up early to ride. Getting out the door, that can be a problem.

Tuesday the norm is up @ 5AM, out the door by 5:30 ........... which may end up closer to 5:45 by the time I get my junk together. That means a time trial/sprint to catch the early ride if I'm planning on going with the group.

So last night I made BigPlans. I figured I could ride down to the oceanfront, catch more than 1/2 of the 6AM ride, and still have time to get back home with 15 minutes to stop sweating, then time enough to shower and dress for work.
I actually mixed my bottles, set out my clothes, and had my helmet, shoes, and gear laid out before I went to bed.

What did I do? Turn the alarm clock off, and fall back asleep. OH WELL. Saw the 7:15er out my car window rolling up the bridge . Super Sally was smilin' and waving, while DAG looked to be in a world of hurt ........

Best wishes to Blair who is on his way to Trans Rockies to bring his BigPlans to fruition. I'll put a link over on the left to keep tabs. He's racing with another guy in the 100+ class under the team name of WHYNOT. Not sure if it's even possible to update during the race.

Also up at TR is cylocross national age group champ Ryan Leech.

Good luck too all.

Speaking of stage races I found this one off of our favorite Polish MTBer Maja's site. Thanks to Jason for keeping her (link) close by and warm.

It would be awesome to go to the homeland (yes, I am Polish, and share quite a few of the consonants in Maja's last name) to do a MTB stage race. Guess I'd really have to brush up on the native tongue. Not to mention become a better MTBer.

The english translation is almost too appealing to pass up :

"There will be over 400 km distance and 12000 m of altitude difference that guarantee a lot of emotion. The region where the marathon will be held is an ideal place to profit from equipment and human possibilities. Furthermore, the stages will be located in the area relatively unknown to tourists and experienced riders. "

"Guaranteed emotion" ............ now you can't go wrong there, can you? Come to think of it, that's pretty much why I love to get my



Me. You. Maja. Poland. 2008! ;)

Still on for the 18/Farm? Got our cabin all set. Looks like Cabin #1.

See you soon I hope.

18hrs on the farm, WOOT!
Yes, the guaranteed emotion is perfect. Funny that the imperfect translation is really perfect. Good talking w/ you yesterday.
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