Sunday, August 05, 2007


Catchin' Up

Lots to share, little time to do it.
PLT 23mile TT last Sunday. Tried to go out slow, still felt powerless after 30 minutes. Was hoping for a PR. At the last turn figured I needed to average 25+ for 6 miles to get it. The outlook was dim. Just forgot about the numbers, put my head down, and hammered the best I could. JLaw helped with a verbal kick in the a$$ from a car ("venga, venga, allez, allez"). That made all the difference. Somehow broke 58 minutes to beat my previous best by 20 seconds or so. During the ride came to the revelation that TT are the purest most distilled form of the cycling pain we all know and try to love.

A trip over a big crack in the earth,

Leads us to a place so hot 90% of the rain evaporates before it hits the ground.

Unfamiliar area, rental bikes, poor trail choice, leads to nice climb first thing. At best lung busting, with some loose, rocky technical spots.

When you want to bail more than your cleat wants to unclip, you just pull your foot out of the shoe, and roll down the hill.

A slip up on some tough downhill swithbacks leads to a broken read der hanger, a shortened first day, and a 3-4 mile coast/push back down.

Found out later the trail was called "Devil's Staircase".


The Rush(es) weren't the best to handle the rocky terrain, so and upgrade to some SantaCruz Blurs was in order.

Difference was night and day.

The road riding looked primo, if I wasn't so MTB deprived woulda done some of that too.

More later,



look at how clean that shoulder for the rush they are finacky if not dialed in ...
Where you at? Looks hot and dry. Sere is a good word.
Yea those Rushes needed to be set up. They were a bit beat up also.

The Blurs were simply incredible. Climb with the rear shock locked out, then turn it on for the ride down. They felt plush - like riding a magic carpet on the downhills.I was going over the rocks instead of trying to fit between 'em.

Saw huge #'s of roadies on that road every morning. Also saw the city sweeping that shoulder too. Keepin' it nice and clean.

Will be back out there for some winter training I believe.

Top secret locale CD. haha
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