Monday, August 13, 2007


Weekend Review

Friday Night
Preppin' bike(s) for the 18hr.

Put some new brakes on the Caffiene.

Off w/the mechs, on w/the hydros.

Saturday 3-6AM
Out for a 3 hour ride to get mentally prepared to ride to daybreak.

Sunrise is better on a bike.

New stoppers worked great.

Still getting 3+ hours of runtime on the NiteRider bottle battery.

This sucks

Saturday later.

Out to Chesapeake Crit, barely made in in time. Took 2 hours and 15 minute drive 'cause of traffic/construction accidents. Made it there with 25 minutes to spare. Easy to pick up race number at the reg table when it's the only one left. Got a few minutes warmup while C4 was goin'. (Pic from Kyle - thanks)

Crit had no wrecks. NICE. The Pro123 wasn't as lucky as our man MarcoPolo went down hard in the last lap. Heal quick bro. The ladies rocked.

Pretty happy to have had made it through the C5 season with all my flesh intact. Skip(Kitty Hawk Bikes) went out strong and set a nice hard pace for the first part of the race. Kept good position for the 1st half of the race or so. Then wallered around in the middle/back. Saw a funny thing early on that made me wish I had my helmetcam on. Was second wheel behind AJ (Fat Frogs). Niether AJ or I can be classified as flyweights. Roughly translated - we give good draft. I got passed on the inside on the last turn, and watched as the guy tried to slide in on AJs wheel, pushing the guy that was there out of the way. This proceeded to a battle of elbows. Not the "I'm gonna knock you off your bike elbow" but more like the "I'm lettin' you know I'm here, and not gonna yield this wheel sorta elbow." No one won, and they went down the home straight sharing the draft. I guess I need to get more aggressive when fighting for position.

Paul was in town and did great, getting in an early break that stuck, and taking 2nd (K-Dog photo). As long as he watches where he's going, he'll go far ...................

Check the TransRockies links above.
Had a nice dinner Sunday and saw a great show.



What? My sole reason to cat up was to get in some of your race pics.
Great season JB. Nice racing with you. See you at some CX races this fall.
Oh yeah, I know it's too late but avoid 64 in Chesapeake on a Saturday morning/afternoon in the summer. All those Jersey/PA/NY mega SUVs with cartop carriers are clogging up the lanes trying to get to the OBX - only to realize that the exit is in 50 yards and they're all sitting in the left lane.
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