Monday, November 26, 2007


The One That Got Away

Friday - The Fast Friday ride, like Crit training. A bit more structured than the old days around Tuskawilla, but still edge of your saddle fun. That is until TurboTodd went down. A skilled landing saved a bunch of skin.

It's a dangerous game we play out there people, respect it - your riding partners will thank you.

Saturday - the 42 mile Lakemont Road Race. Time didn't permit me to go with the longer group. Have to do it next time. Florida Road is still a drag race, and the speed didn't end there.

Sunday - Planned on broadening my horizons by heading up to Lake Mary for the Seminole Cyclists ride. Printed up some maps. Left in the dark. That Blackburn Quadrant headlight looks a bit like an old Flash Gordon ray gun, but works nice. 4 LEDS, and you can set it to have 2 blinking and 2 on steady.

Somehow got the info wrong as to the start location. Was at Lake Mary Cycles, but no one else was. Oh well.

Went on to ride the loop anyway, then saw the correct start locale at the Coffee Shop. I'll know for next time. The loop is around a big Lake, so no place to shortcut and catch anyone, but I tried anyway. Real loop in blue, my wanderings in red.

Saw some orange road hickies that seemed to keep me on track.

Wrong way? or WAY wrong? Either way, better turn around.

Beautiful day to ride, and a real nice loop - long wide open roads with big shoulders.

Took a short off road detour 2 miles from the end and paid the price with a flat.

Was another great trip down here, the weather was ideal, but I missed the Einstein's Bagels. I'll get some at Christmas .....



Yes, dangerous game, hickies and all.
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