Monday, December 10, 2007


Gettin' It Done

Tripower/Cyclocross wrapped up the Team competition in the Va. State Cross series yesterday in C-Ville after a season long battle with the fine team from Cobblestone Bikes.

Thanks to all the racers, race directors, and sponsors - esp. Sally Snead and ALAN America for a fantastic Va Cylocross Season.

Young Mark and the Zack Attack came through with big points - Zack got points in 2 separate races.

While Crazy led the cheering section at the top of the "Big Hill"



All I have to say is "woot"!

Lets goto Natz!
Thanks for the chain. This team is awesome. I'll second the woot!
TriPower Rocks!! Congrats on winning the Series.

I always look forward to riding with ya'll.

Be well.
Zack was an animal riding that course with platforms!
Great job, everyone. Glad I was able to contribute points earlier in season but sure would have liked in on those photos!
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