Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Movie Night Part Uno

Remember the flick "GOOD WILL HUNTING" ?

Probably brings up thoughts of how a downtrodden blue collar Bostonian with a genious IQ and photographic memory fights to defend his friends and lifestyle, before he eventually rises "above" them. Or maybe it was really about a guy who refuses to achieve his true potential .....

There was a cool bar scene

and a touching performance by Robin Williams

all good stuff. What you probably don't remember is the eff bombs ...... I mean we all heard them, but they were diluted by all that great acting and fantastic story line .... Distilled down, they're pretty funny .... (you probably don't want to play this at work)



Classic! Got me wanting to throw it into the ole player tonight.
thanks for a laugh, the wife's getting that dvd in her stocking.
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