Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Every Now and Then

you need a little PUSH

Mine came back yesterday. Freshly rebuilt FOX 100. With the old parts too.

Complete with a nice lil' sheet of stickers, one of which adorns my 'puter.

Was hoping to have the bike back together to hit up Razorback in Fla over the holiday, but with the status of my foot, that just aint happenin'

Oh well.



Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Movie Night Part Uno

Remember the flick "GOOD WILL HUNTING" ?

Probably brings up thoughts of how a downtrodden blue collar Bostonian with a genious IQ and photographic memory fights to defend his friends and lifestyle, before he eventually rises "above" them. Or maybe it was really about a guy who refuses to achieve his true potential .....

There was a cool bar scene

and a touching performance by Robin Williams

all good stuff. What you probably don't remember is the eff bombs ...... I mean we all heard them, but they were diluted by all that great acting and fantastic story line .... Distilled down, they're pretty funny .... (you probably don't want to play this at work)



Monday, December 17, 2007



to Kevin for taking our CX team photos



Sunday, December 16, 2007


Enough is Enough

or so my ankle told the rest of my body.

Seems I've always had "bad ankles". Back in the dark ages that was the 60's and 70's, they were constantly getting "sprained", swelling up, and getting wrapped. Back then the common advice was "Get up and walk it off ....", so that's what I did.

Long story short - I've been getting ankle/foot pain after CX rides/races. Directly in proportion to how much time is spent running/walking/shuffling along side the bike. It usually went away after a few days. Last week it didn't, and just got worse. Off to get it checked, Dx - Navicular bone stress fracture. Bummer.

Had planned on heading out to KCX to help ouy the boys and do some riding (hard to call what I've been doing of late racing). Really bummed to miss that, especially upon seeing the EPIC conditions (---> from KDog in KC). Even more bummed about being off the bike for "x" number of weeks, -

"Let pain be your guide" <------ Orthopedic Physician's mantra

So, time to give tribute to the locals out in the friggid cold of KCCX :

Jeff Buckles 11th in U23
Steven DeLisle, top 25 in same

Sean Yeager - Really riding well out there. The Yeagermiester warmed up with a 13th in the "B" race, then went out and got a fine finish in his age group.

Of course Crazy and the Dog are out there, we'll let them tell their stories later ......
(another KDog berryphoto----->)

and yes! Fred Wittwer repeated in the 55-59 ge group. That man can fly .......
(photo from last year's Nats)

RideON, and let "pain be your guide"


Monday, December 10, 2007


Gettin' It Done

Tripower/Cyclocross wrapped up the Team competition in the Va. State Cross series yesterday in C-Ville after a season long battle with the fine team from Cobblestone Bikes.

Thanks to all the racers, race directors, and sponsors - esp. Sally Snead and ALAN America for a fantastic Va Cylocross Season.

Young Mark and the Zack Attack came through with big points - Zack got points in 2 separate races.

While Crazy led the cheering section at the top of the "Big Hill"



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