Friday, November 13, 2009


"Atlantic ASSualt"?

Went for a ride yesterday anyway. Steady 50 mph winds, gusts over 70. Learned a few things :
- It is possible (though not advisable) to ride through water that is up to your top tube.
- You can't hop logs when they are floating on top of the water.

The bridge itself is "only" covered by 18"of water. This was at LOW tide.

The"experts" from the Weather Channel have been down at the ocean front talking about beach erosion for the last 2 days. They've really missed the story.
Entire nieghborhoods are under water.

The Lesner bridge over Lynnhaven inlet has been closed for over 12 hours. There's 4+ feet of water in the road on the west side.


Maybe this is mother nature’s way of telling cyclists to expand your horizons. Try something new, like paddling! Look Cyclists you can not only MTB in your own back yard you can also kayak there too!

I hope you’ve got some good waterproof Phil Wood grease in your BB, headset and wheel bearings!

Way to not that MN stand in your way! Did you pack a snorkel?
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