Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Road Rage Justice

It seems you can't go riding on the road more than a week or so without encountering one or more automobile drivers that are venting their rage against cyclists. It seems this rage goes through levels.

Rage level 1 - An uncalled for string of beeps on the horn. More than is neccessary to just let us know they're there.

Rage level 2 - Window is rolled down - Obnoxious expletive laden yells - telling us to get off the road, or we don't belong there , or whatever.

Rage lvl 3 - Threats of physical harm - "I oughta run you off the road"

Rage lvl 4 - Attempts at physical harm - by swerving the car, or throwing things out the window. (Warning to anyone who might try this - Don't throw things at cyclists on a large group ride when on a road with traffic lights, especially within sprinting range of KJ - You will pay the price)
Rage lvl 5 - This is serious, and justice was served this week in a case in California :

A brief synopsis :

Velonews has nice coverage of the court case.

He was found guilty of six felony counts. After the verdict he was DENIED bail.

No one is the winner here. But lets hope this sends a message to everyone.



It's incidents like these that might keep me working in law enforcement for a long time.
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