Tuesday, October 20, 2009



Up at 5:45AM for the Tuesday 7:15er. Was shocked to see the Weather channel say 38degrees, WHAT!!!! O.O

Wasn't long ago I drew the cold temperature road riding line at 55, then it went to 45, now I guess there isn't one. As long as you can find the right stuff to wear the temperature is relatively meaningless.

It seems the yin and yang of getting up and out for a cold ride are tilted when you are headed to a group ride.

After fumbling around I found the right stuff .

Seems as though one of my gloves had an attitude about riding early. Oh well.

Pitch black, crisp chill, but no clouds or wind. That's a welcome change. Fresh smells of burning fireplaces and cloths driers in the air.

Tried to chase down Young Bill's blinkies on the way there. Fruitless. You can see blinkies for a LONG way when its dark out.

Was startled and confused to see an empty parking lot at the NewMoon when I got there. WHAT?

That restaurant is a meeting place for more than just cycling these days.

Didn't think I was late. Didn't think I was early either. Started rolling down the road and saw some compadres.

All was well.

We tried to let Rick and the fast crew get away, but a red light pulled em back in.

It was a nice morning to get your


Dude the cold weather gear photo is freaking priceless! Thanks for the laugh.

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