Monday, November 02, 2009


It's That Time of Year.....

Go ahead and hit play before reading

Friday at the shiny coin :

Leaves are fallin all around....

There was a trail here somewhere
Which way did it go?

Found a shoulderless friend guarding the way

I've watched enough AnimalChannel to know this isn't a welcoming pose

So I helped him off the trail with a handy snake stick.

Before I could remount and clip in I saw he'd repositioned for a better view

or maybe a drop in?

Saturday's group ride might of been the worst I've felt on the bike in a while. Got up on time, fell back asleep (sometimes I grow so tired). Time trialed down to the start, was late. Tried to chase down VBBlvd. Found Young Bill, Smoothie Chuck, et al, behind Pembroke.

Chuck dropped me ...... while on the small ring!!! Aquiring a real taste for humble pie.

Felt better for loop 2, the day was beautiful.

Sunday the weather changed ...... I smelled the rain, and with it pain, and it was headed my way the form of a ride through the park .....

RideOn ramblers


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