Saturday, July 30, 2005


Another Buck and Change

The rain that started yesterday was continuing today and I had heard that many of the locals were going to bail on the Toano Century due to the wet roads/driving distance/registration fees opting for the Sat AM group ride instead. But I was mentally committed (or maybe I should BE mentally committed?) so I threw the bikes on the roof and left the Beach for points west.

Six + 13 > 20!!

The sporadic rain all but stopped by the time I checked in and I readied my stead for the ride. I studied the cue sheet (all too) briefly and rolled out of the school parking lot in search of orange lollipops, and promptly missed the very first left hand turn. A u-turn and retracement got me back on track where I hooked upwith Bob from Richmond. We settled into a nice pace and gathered up Janice, a Tripower gal from the Beach. She was coming back from a dislocated shoulder and getting ready to ride cross country with her husband. Bob and I designated her navigator as we both have trouble with route sheets.

We rolled through 100 miles and a few thousand feet of climbing almost effortlessly. Aside for a few minutes of rain in the early miles it was a perfect day to ride. It was one of those magical days that happen WAY too infrequently. I had the right gear for every climb, my legs NEVER felt tired or cramped, and always had more power when I needed it. Thats the buck, now the change!

I had a quick pasta dinner and with BigD and his brother who I knew from the CCVA board, then rode my bike back to the car and drove to nearby York River State Park for a few mountain bike laps. The lot was crowded as I pulled in. Rain was threatening but nothing yet. At the start of lap 2 of the Ravine ominous thunder was heard and lightening seen. It got close but I finished just as the rain started. As I left there was no one else there. Of course I ran into a familiar sight on the way back:

Dam that dam tunnell! It was a great day nontheless.

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