Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Some New Links and Good Reading

I updated some links over to the left to include:

A Blog of Blogs - This is a great source of info and browsing goodness. They keep track of a bunch of cool blogs and link you to things interesting in the 2 wheeled world.

Adam Lisonbee is an experienced Endurance Mountain Biker who also has a flair with the keypad. Like it says -"Epic Riding and Epic Writing", which gives us some Epic Reading! He lives in Utah and gets to ride some buff looking single track all the time. He's posted some really scenic photos that will make you want to move out there!

Jason Sager has moved from the cycling capital of Colorado (Dang-yo!) to the City of Parks and is still up to his blogly madness. There some good things in Utah, and he also has some stunning photos posted!

Enjoy your reading and -

RiiiiiiiiiiiiiiideON BABY!


Thanks for the link! I'll add you to my page tonight.
NP, Keep up the good blogging! and riding of course! Best of luck at MOAB. It's a little early to say that but I'd probably forget next week!
JB,if you have any suggestions about SSWC06 in Williamsburg let me know. In the meantime, 29percent has moved to again for adding me to your list.
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