Thursday, September 29, 2005


Interbike Stuff n'at

So much of the cycling industry is at Interbike in Vegas trying to get some "work" done. Actually there are some nice reports on stuff already posted at :

Go Clipless and Karl Etzel' site

While headed to upstate New York I snapped this photo while on the New Joisey Turnpike going about 75. Hey, I know it wasn't safe but people in Joisey drive FAST. Speed limits mean nothing in that State.

Cool sled, probably on its way to Lake Placid. I kept an eye open for it up there but never saw it.

Oh yea, I'm back out and riding and feeling good - 90 minutes on the road yesterday and I wanted to go further. Then a little SS spinnin' through the park at night. Man I love2ride!



It took me a little over a week before my knees felt normal again. I can only imagine the aches and pains you must have had since the 540!
It was my toughest recovery to date. Not because of the the usual, my knees, legs, and joints felt ok. But my feet and my "seat" took a 7-10 days to feel alright. I'd never experienced "hot feet" before but I had a good case of it after that ride. Hope to never get it again, but I'll have to figure that out.
Hell, I don't know what's up with me, I didn't ride Saturday due to a wedding, but rode a solo century on Sunday @ 18.5 (very flat).

Of course I didn't do 3 laps on Friday either.

Started my own blog, nothing to exciting yet, but it's a start.
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