Saturday, October 01, 2005


The first REAL Ride

Went down to join the TriPower folks for the "Saturday Triumverate" of group rides.
I was at least a bit uneasy about how my legs might feel as it would be the first "real" effort since the ADK.

The 7:15 ride was loaded with about 40 folks, and it was PERFECT weather. No big efforts except trying to catch the group with a few guys after getting red-lighted on Independance. The pace was fast but sane.

The 8:30 group added even more riders. It was good to be back riding with the group, but once again I was reminded of how much I have to learn about positioning in a LARGE group. Got to catch up with some folks. It seems a big group went down to NC and rode the Bridge to Bridge century while I was up in New York at the ADK. Sally had an awesome ride and Liz put a nice writeup here. An epic ride that is definately on the must do list.

The return loop started slow but got fast and furious up down Shore Drive. We had a bit of a tailwind so the pace was well over 30 for a good while. I realized I need an 11-25, 'cause a 12 tooth sprocket just won't hang w/the big dogs. Man it was a beautiful day to ride and my legs felt great. (Why do cyclists talk about their legs in the third person - like they are a seperate entity?) After all rides were done I felt like going out again.

Hope everyone got some good miles in.


J, glad you made it to the TP ride!
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