Wednesday, October 12, 2005


A Tuesday Ride on Wednesday

So I was getting ready to head out at 6:15 this AM and remembered my cleats are pretty beat, but they made it through the ride. I'm going to have to start buying those things by the dozen. The roads were nice and and dry this AM so some of the Tuesday regulars would be riding today. Sweeeeeeet.

The camera makes it look darker than it really is bit it is still pretty dark at 6:35 on Shore Dr. The temps in the mid to high 60s are perfect for short sleeve jersey riding. A little cool till you build up some heat, then perfect. A brisk 12-15 mph wind out of the NNE was gonna make the ride fun.

BJ, Art, Dag, and Laura too! I guess BJ didn't get everyone too liquered up last night. A good ride with good folks. Art dressed and rode like the cyclist he is and absolutely stomped the downwind leg on the second loop. Pulls were strong and short into the wind.

While chillin' in da 'hood we learned what was important to Dag in a relationship............... yup, you guessed it ----------- bike handling skills. HAH! ;-)



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