Saturday, October 08, 2005


It's A Wash

4AM wake up call and a 8 block ride (in the rain) to the Beacon to meet Steve and the other ToH alum. DC bike riding is a joy @ 4:45AM! No cars, wrong way up one way streets, you can make better time on 2 wheels than 4.

Bikes are loaded for an hour drive to the ride start at Howard College.

Some nice custom carbon ToH Treks, be careful not to strap across the Lance signature.

We arrive at the college to see crowds of onlookers getting in position to see the MAN. After parking and getting out we hear an announcement that the ride had been canceled! The roads are too wet, forecast is for even more rain, and the Ellipse has been declared a mud pit. We battle the disappointment, but it is the correct decision. I wouldn't of minded the rain, but 1500 riders together on those roads would've been dangerous. Yes Lance did show, he offered a few words to the wet crowds and we went back to DC. So it is. SO it will be. I actually had a fun ride back to my hotel, so much fun I kept going and got in 40 blocks or so. Then I realized urban riding like this WOULD be better on a fixey. Especially in the rain. A cool thing about DC is seeing all the bike messengers flying around on on their fixers.

This year's ToH/BMS kit is stylin', and comes complete with body art.

<-----The hotel has an awefully nice bike wash

I wonder how JK's doing in Japan?

I wonder how (or IF) the Seagull went?

Rain rain go away, so we can find somewhere to play.

Lance was in Salt Lake last night. Funny that today you go to see him. To bad the ride was canceled.
Man that guy gets around. Last year he made sure he rode with each of the ToH cross country team individually on their way across the nation. People stood in the rain today for 2 hours just to get a peak. This rain $ucks, but its got the whole east coast covered. I'm achin' to ride.
No ride in the rain? Gosh I guess tdCure organizers didn't have as much to lose as the Seagull organizers, cause ol Seagull Century went off in the rain w/ out a blink. It was trecherous, but what do ya do, give up the $50 that won't be refunded?
I love the bike wash. Don't think I could fly that one at home.
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