Sunday, October 09, 2005


Tour de DC

Riding in DC is @ 4AM is a real treat. The streets are lit, so you don't really NEED a headlight, although I'd recommend one to be seen more than see. I mapped out a ride that took me down 23rd to the Lincoln Memorial, around West Potomac Park, some laps of East Potomac Park and the Jefferson Memorial, up to the Ellipse, the Mall and the Capital. Over to the the National Arboretum, then back over to the Ritz. Got some nice miles in and was back before dawn. The bonus was I now have a much better feel for the layout of the City. Was glad I had my camera, but kicked myself for leaving the memory chip in the computer. Oh well. A shower, a nap, some room circus breakfast and it was time to kiss the city goodbye.

The rain had stopped but the forecast was for more. I'd wanted to head up to Frederick to ride Gambrill, then possibly up to Gettysburg Pa to ride the IC3 course on Monday, but the weather changed my mind. I wasn't ready to sit in a hotel room while it rains again. So it was time to head back to the Beach. On the way I stopped at Prince William Forest Park, which is 90 seconds off of Rt.95 near Quantico. It has a road loop with some hills, and plenty of fireroads to MTB on. The hills aren't too tough but if you keep it on the big ring (on the road bike) and do some laps you can really get a good workout in. Then I got on my mountain bike spun around the fireroads for a good while. A nice convenient place to ride if you're ever passing through.

The early reports from the Seagull - The conditions were NASTY, with winds and rain, but century got done! Great job.



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