Wednesday, February 15, 2006


The Weekend Nears

So what are you doing this weekend? Hopefully some saddle time awaits. It will be a busy weekend for many of us as endurance races are taking place all around North America.

Jill will be grinding it out in the cold white north of Alaska at the Sustina 100. 100 miles over snow on a mountain bike in the freezing cold. A little beyond my comprehension. How serious is it? At registration they take a credit card imprint and you agree to pay a $200 "evacuation fee" should you need to be dragged off the course. She's been training well and WILL get through it!

Adam, Heather, Dave and his Trans-Rockies partner Lynda will start their race season off with the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo in New Mexico. Hopefully with less rain than last year.

12 hours of Razorback is a classic early season race that sees proportionately more solo entrees than any other open race I know off. A tough course that will leave everyone who didn't know better realizing that Florida definitely isn't flat. Dave added a solo single speed division this year. "Ride Florida, We Don't Need No Stinkin' Mountains!"

I'm heading down to the 12/24 hours of Sebring to join the largest crowd they've ever had for this event. 138 entries as of last week, with almost 40 in the 24 hour RAAM division. Solo RAAM entrant Lou Lamoreaux will be there along with a northern Virginia contingent that includes the perennial UMCA Year-Rounder Mileage Challenge front runners Chuck Wood and Christa Borras on their tandem. 2 time JMC winner John Jurczynski will be down from New Hampshire starting his season in the 12 hour division.

There should be plenty of good race reports to read next week.

Star triathete Michellie Jones was going to join us on our group ride Saturday. I was bummed I'd be out of town and miss it. Turns out she canceled due to a cold she's been fighting off and rescheduled for April sometime. She needs to get well soon for the Arizona Ironman which is right around the corner.

Very best of luck to all in their endeavors this weekend. Get out there and get your



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