Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Crazy Crit Story

So da' boys are back in town from the SO pro Florida training camp. The Dogg has some photos up on his blog. They found a Crit up in Sanford to race in. But the real question is :

What in the world is Crazy doing jumping off the curb in this picture of the group sprint for second place in the Cat 3 Crit?

Possible answers -

a.) Someone "rubbed" him off the proper course
b.) He thought it was still cross season. Well it actually is still cross season in Florida. so..
c.) He thought it was a cross RACE.
d.) He was expecting a lead-out from the kid on the sidewalk with training wheels.......
e.) None of the above

The clues are in the photos. Look to the K-Blogg for the answer. It's pretty amazing.

Over and Out


Very nice photo alteration. Yes, amazing.
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