Monday, February 13, 2006


On the Fringe

The nor-easter that's buffeting the New England shoreline skated right by us. We got minor flurries and cold (for us) weather. Oh well. 34 degrees, stiff 18-20 mph NW wind still made for nice ridin' weather. After a spin through SeaSnore (zzzzzzz) State Park I stopped back home to get the camera and check out the beach action.

No one wanted to play volleyball

So I tooled on down the beach burning up digital "film". Looking north at the butt end of the low pressure front that was pumping snow to regions far up the coast. Me in the unibomber riding hood.

But you'd better be careful! The tide was coming in and the beach getting narrow. The sand gets soft and even fat tires dig in. I didn't realize it till later but I guess in my diligence not to drop the camera I was squeezing the exposure button the whole way down.

At least it was a soft landing.

Looking southwest at the Lynnhaven River

from under the Lesner Bridge.



nice pics. i especially like the one of the low pressure system on the horizon - view from the other side... the powder is incredible here, too bad it's on our beaches and not the mtns!
You guys got really slammed by that storm. Good you still got a ride in. Spring is on it's way....................

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