Saturday, March 04, 2006


I Think I'll go for a Ride

Actually was a little sore after last nights ride. The good kind of sore. So what to do? Go ride again. Temps now in the low 30's but bright and sunny. My weak Ninja powers were used up last night, so today was to be a Viking sort of day.

Props to Rich at Bad Idea Racing for the whole Ninja/Viking thing. You have to read it. Makes a lot of sense. His Team Dicky link is on the left. Me, I'm on the fence. BUT, I realized today that I haven't taken my Epic out since last year. Actually K-Dog was the last person to ride it. Seems like the Rig is always the off-road bike of first choice now. Because of the SS or the 29" wheels? Probably a bit of both. EnduroSnob has a good theory that I will certainly vouch for.

A little before and after. Nice to to see the fruits of someone's hard labors

The obligatory "beach" shot looking at the Narrows toward Linkhorn Bay

A few "ball-breathin'" hill repeats on the Great Neck Bridges before heading home and that was that.



wonder if any one was crazy enough to ride that bridge before it was rebuilt??
Looks like some nice riding. Can't wait to get some more time outside. Anxious for my Big Wheels to come too. -JM
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