Friday, March 03, 2006


It's Warm, NO....wait, It's Cold

Thursday had a high a 74 degrees. NICE. Out to the All About Bikes Thursday night ride a little early to warmup in shorts and short sleeves. Still warm at 6:45.

With all this gravel road riding my future I'm a bit wary of my lack of experience on that surface. Not wanting to be un-prepared I went and ordered some to train on, and was glad to see it actually showed up. Could only afford 5 tons or so, which meant repeating the same 200 yard section over and over. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Tim was riding with a new Cateye Triple Shot which looks even more impressive in person that in a photo. Conversation in the lot before the ride:

Me:"Nice Triple Shot Tim"
Tim: "Yea, I like it. I did a bunch of research and realized Cateye has really worked out the best way to..........."
Someone else finishes the sentence: "Make really bright EF'n lights!"

Well said. Case closed.

Nice group of 10-12 for the ride. Tim, Bill, K-Dog (aka Mr. 2-a-day stud), and the Mikes were workin' it hard. Seems like the Dog always finds a reason to sit down at the first regroup.
(Nice socks Bill).

We did the 2/5/1 thing. 2 lake loops, 5 road loops (which chewed me up and spit me out) then 1 lake loop and done. The temp dropped over 20 degrees during the 90 minute ride. Winds were gusting well over 20.

I was so worked things got really blurry towards the end.



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