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Sunday was the Poor Farm fall cup. Not to be confused with the spring cup. The events are run by Richmond Multisports.

Poor Farm is a Park up in Ashland with a great system of trails. AC from nearby Cobblestone Bikes set up an awesome course. A few miles of nice flowing flats with many a log pile, a middle section with many a tricky, mucky, rooty, switchbacky climb. Then some more flowing fast stuff before the finish in the field.

I'd ridden Poor Farm once last year, but this was the first shot at racing there. Took my meager MTBing skills up, went for the 5 hour Enduro. Got spanked. Was tons of fun. Did 6 laps, shoulda got 7 in but missed the cut off by 5 minutes or so. Legs/lungs felt fine. Forearms were cramping up big time. Just not used to gettin' slammed around for 5 hours like that. Got to where I couldn't apply the brakes too well. This was good as I brake to much anyway.

Miscellany -

Andy and JoeP were rollin' the Enduro class on their single speeds. Andy on a nice new (to him) Bianchi S.A.S.S. (Silly Ass Single Speed), which replaced his B.U.S.S. (Butt Ugly Single Speed). JoeP on his sweet custom Ti. Somewhere near the end of lap 3 they lapped me. They weren't a skewer length apart. Right at the end of the 5 hours they passed me again at the very end of the course. Coming out of the woods, with 150 yards to go, the both slow down, drop their hands off the bars, say go, and sprint - nohanded - for the line! How cool is that?!?!! Not likely to see that kind of sportsmanship in a road race anytime soon. Who won? Who cares? Come to hear that on lap 3 or 4 they decided if thet were still together at the end, that's how they would decide it.

Was good to see Rob up there with some other guys representin' All About Bikes. All of' em on SS's. Maybe now he'll get off his no-bloggin' butt and post sumthin'? Don't hold your breath! Hah.

K-Dog had some wicked flow goin' on. 3rd in XVet. Saw him fly through the tricky uphill rooted section after the downhill following the first uphill switchback climb. Didn't see anyone else clean that section.

What happened to DanBo, last saw him mumblin' "chicky bridge, chicky bridge..."

Aside from that section I was able to ride the entire course at one time or another, just never all on the same lap. lol. Funny (that's funny haha, not funny queer) thing about mountain biking. I can feel my weak skills get better throughout a ride like this. Wish I could ride dirty more.

Team Cobblestone (-->) defended home turf and won the team cup anchored by a strong showing from the ladies.

I got yelled at for talking too loud during the awards. Sorry.

Word is one of the Fat Frogs got hurt, maybe breaking a leg? Hope all is well. Heal quick.

Thanks to Blake for the photo, AND the nice video of Steve and I.



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