Wednesday, January 17, 2007


A Picture is Worth............

So what do you think is going on here?
hint - It's just before 6AM, I'd been riding for about an hour.

a) I was anticipating the rush getting in line for the Bikini Sale,

b) I stopped to deliver some mail in the box,

c) I was checking out a new meeting place for the next group ride.

d) I was having some bike problems and it was the only place that had any light.

Well if you guessed d) - You are d)arn right (although I may need a new bikini - NOT).

My right pedal started feeling funny toward the end of Sunday's ride. Felt like maybe I had a cleat loose or something. Everything looked OK, so I forgot about..............until Tuesday mornings ride. Went out at 5AM, it was 63 degrees out and I had to enjoy the last warm morning.

After 1 loop the pedal was making some REALLY wierd noises. Like there was an angry chipmunk getting tortured in there or something. Pulled over at the Bikini Shop to what was up. Still everything looked OK. More noises and a loose feeling continued. At the start of the 7:15er I tried to unclip and the whole pedal came off. Slid it back on and rode 25 more miles.

Oh well. Same thing happened last year during a MTB race. Also the right pedal. Maybe I have some biomechanical issues here?

Realized I didn't bring a water bottle or fuel about 2 1/2 hours into the rides. Really felt it during the next hour. Drizzle increased for the last 2 group loops. Sucking pace line road spray was still OK when it's 60 degrees out. It sure isn't warm anymore.



I picked D!!! You should pick Dura-Ace!!!
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