Friday, March 09, 2007


Where's the Love?

6 weeks before the start of the Tour de Georgia and the title sponser has not been replaced.

High hopes for the U.S. Cycling Championships here in Virginia next month are waning with lack of title sponsorship and resignation of the race director. More info here.

What's a cycling lover to do?

For one we can all support those corporations that do buck up with the dinero to sponsor these events. AND let them know that we did, and why. We can attend live events (we do), watch the TV coverage (we do), clap our hands, yell and scream, tell our friends .... we do.

I'll admit I'd never been to a pro level (road) race until last year. I found the CapTech in Richmond, and the CSC Invite in DC to be highly entertaining and great spectating for all. Cross Nats were a scream. Why can't we get (or keep) these sponsors?

NASCAR sure doesn't have a problem. Maybe we need those nice leather jackets ........?

I dunno. I just want to see some good racin'. and get my




I am guessing w-burg to Richmond ain't happening based on the info in that article. Not good.
Cycling sponsorship isn't popular in the States simply because cycling isn't widely regarded. We're such a car-centric society that if you're on a bike, that means something's wrong and you couldn't get a car. It'd be like making a call from a phone booth... "What'd the guy loose his cell?"
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