Monday, June 11, 2007


Here's Johnny!

Long break, many reasons/excuses. Mainly technology related. Hard drive failures on not one but two computers. Missed (well sort of, maybe, not really) email for 3-5 weeks.

Felt pretty liberated in some ways not to feel the need to sit in front of a monitor and keyboard, checking stuff and doing whatever. Well, at the end it was liberating, at the beginning it was pangs of guilt for loosing touch with some folks who I only had access to through the NET, then it was like kicking a bad habit. Even lost my password/sigon to many blogs, which is a bear to recover when you don't have email. Back in the swing of things again with new iron, better back up schemes etc., etc.

For al lthose that left messages of concern, and the great # of phone calls of concern,


All is well as it can be, no changes in riding habits, still goin out at tryin' to git 'er done. Fitness improvements have been coming in many baby steps forward, some large ones backwards, but the outlook is good.

So if you still are a victim of bad habit and click on this blog after all this time of darkness, keep on keepin' on. Good things are coming back.

Welcome back, JB. Nice to see some life here. Thanks again for wheel Saturday.
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