Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Quick Weekend Recap

Amphibious Assault Crit on Saturday. Our team's 2nd "big" race of the year.

As usual my teammates banded together to put on an awesome event at a truly unique venue.

Quick race report : Was 3rd wheel with ChrisD in tow at 1.5 miles to go. Feeling good, waiting and watching for "THE" move. AJ (FatFrogs) made it on the inside and took the group with him. Heard Chris say "lets go", and before I knew it everyone had. I was looking outside and had outside overlap on the guy in front of me. Made the turn onto the penultimate finishing straight dead last in the lead group. From third wheel to 30th in the blink of an eye. Caught totally flatfooted. Shoulda hit the last lap harder but still managed to pass back about 1/2 the field. Props to teammates CD and Fireman John for pulling down top 5 placings, with Chris pulling into 1st place in the State Crit standings. I'll learn ..... eventually. Tough to teach an old dog new tricks so they say. At least it feels like my legs are coming back for the first time in 2 months. Chris's write up here.

Sunday the first PLT (23 mile) TT. I'm not normally too good at putting short hard efforts in consecutive days. Took 6 miles to get my HR up to Time Trial speed. Then my left elbow pad (which had been flexing a bit too much a while) cracked going over a bump. Frustratingly uncomfortable trying to hold my elbow in over the bar. That led to shoulder cramps, which crept into my back and left hamstring, and eventually effected the earth's rotation. OK maybe that's a stretch ......

Power output was good for 30 minutes but legs went dead after that. Eased up till the final 6 mile leg back in, then tried to hammer it. I'm glad TTs aren't usually over an hour, that's enough of that kind of solo suffering for me. As the 3rd rider off the line in my category, targets to shoot for were few and far between. At just over 58 minutes I beat my best time last year by a 1 min 15 sec so I guess that's good. Still major room for improvement.

props to Laura for setting a new course record with the help of her strong engine and my old wheel. Glad that wheel is working for someone.

? What a difference a year makes ?
- Same race, Same turn, Same ArttheDart? You be the judge ... he IS smiling this year .......



Hey JB. That banner pic on GamJams is awesome. The heat shimmering, the pack stringing and the LCACs poised and ready.
a lil TK was rubbing off on him..
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