Tuesday, August 14, 2007


There's No Cryin' in Baseball

and There's No Recovery in a Group Ride .........

Other possible titles :

Blew off the PLT TT #3 Sunday for many hours of MTBing. Monday my legs were screaming for an easy recovery ride. SOoooooooooooooo ................... I went running instead.


This morning my legs were REALLY mad at me and left town.

Went out at 5:30AM this morning to the 6AM (aka BLUE TRAIN) ride. Tried to ease into things. Didn't have much mojo. One pull into the wind on Atlantic, and my fears were confirmed. No legs. Hung on til Shore Dr. and bailed. (Dropped #1)

Went back down Atlantic at a nice sub-threshold pace until I hear the whirring of cogs and "On your left". It was MarkH, leading a furious pace line (the Final Kick group). Of course I had to give it a go and hopped on last wheel. Hung on, chatted w/Mark for a while then waved 'im by. (Dropped #2)

Cruised over the Rudee Inlet Bridge. Thought I heard "On your left" again, but it was just a flock of seagulls. After a while turned around and made it back to the 7:15er.

Nice sized group that got bigger as we rolled. 3 powerful engines - KJ, the CrAzY one, and JDiesel. Finally felt like my legs were coming back - till I took one good pull, then POP goes the weasel, the weasel goes pop. oh well. Slid back (Drop #3). Back on at the light and home again.

Moral of the story - Listen to your legs, or you may never see them again.



Pop goes the weasel!
I love it!
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