Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Like Bringin' a......

Knife to a Gun Fight

That's how I feel even with skinny tires on our group rides.

So I guess bringin' the cross bike w/fat tires was more akin to bringin' a dull knife, no wait, a dull spoon, ya that's it...... a dull spoon.

The plan was to try and spin some soreness out of the legs today. Through the park in the dark to the 7:15er...... Meet up w/the crew, ride 20 blocks or so at warp speed. Then head back into the park to cruise around and enjoy the morning.

JDiesel dropped the hammer from the green light so I was spinnin like crazy in my hardest gear in no time. I was focused so much on just hangin' on I didn't realize we passed the park entrance 10 blocks ago, d'Oh!!

A nice recovery ride through the park followed .....



I remember the day I brought I knife to that same gun fight. Kudos for hanging on for so long. I just remember being off the baaaaaaaccckk.
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