Sunday, July 31, 2005


A Day of Thanks

A fitting end to a great week

Today was a day to finally get up to pre-ride the 18 hour course up in Goochland County. It's on private property and thus the times to ride are limited. The alarm went off and I was up, but one thing led to another and I got a late start. I made it through the bridge tunnel fine but ran into rain of truly biblical proportions on the other side.

I knew it was going to clear up before Richmond but it would have probably taken 4 hours to get there as the idiot drivers trying to go 65 in zero visability caused accidents that had traffic slowed to a stop before Newport News. So I turned around and went home. :-(O . It just wasn't meant to be.

The TriPower racing team was down at the TT in Chesapeake, hopefully the weather was holding out for them.

Sunday is a designated ride day so I moped around miffed that I didn't get to ride the MTB course. The two-wheeled monkey on my shoulder was getting hungry. So after screwing around with little stuff around the house I hatched a plan to feed him! Put a 13 tooth sprocket on the 29'er SS and ride down to the ocean front to grab a bite and a respite. Then rain was now pretty steady so it would be a good mud soaked passage through Sea Shore. I donned baggies to avoid the lycra-haters.

Watching the "tourons" at the ocean front really is fun - I forget after living here for a while that people actually save thier hard earned cash so they can journey to my hometown and spend it on vacation.

I had to hurry to get through the 64th St gate before dusk and couldn't resist going down to the boat ramp to check out the sunset. I got there just in time to get the above picture. It was a great week after all. One of the best on a bike in a long time.

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