Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Congrats where they're due - Everywhere!

Time to write a little congratulatory thing to a bunch of folks.

The NORBA season is over and rookie "Martini" (that should should be a drink - "I'll have a Rookie Martini please") moved into the top twenty in STXC and 23rd in XC. A great first year showing against a field just stacked with a bunch of 0% body fat powerhouses. He can't wheelie and I can't wheelie either. Sad thing is I used to be able to. I don't know Nick personally but his blog is a regular read, funny and inspirational. He's out there keepin' the dream alive. Here's to next year!

TriPower Women ROCK.........and ROLL ..............fast

So BJ wrapped up the Cat 4 State BAR with a third at the State TT this weekend. Actually it was wrapped up even before this, but now it's official. I was going to write something about it, but Liz beat me to it and did a much better job anyway.
The Team after a successful effort at the Berry Farm Road Race : Carol, Sally, BJ, and Laura. Missing from the picture is Robin, who flatted during the race, got a spare from the support vehicle and still made it back to the peloton to help out the team.

So what does BJ do after her fantastic year is over? Take a day off? Take it easy for a week? Nope. She sends out an email saying she's getting up at 5:40 to add another early loop. Now she was the one that added the loop before the ride, before the return loop. So now we can go out and get really LOOPY and do 4 loops! This isn't your average ride through the park. Much of these loops (for me anyway) are at or over lactate threshold sufferfests that peak at speeds at or over 30. When you decide to ride the "whole package" you get close to 80 miles of some serious pace. You have to hang on through the one loop sprinters, the fresh legs that hop on in the middle, and some monster pulls my some powerful people. These rides are GUAR-ON-TEED to satisfy anyone's appetite for speed and suffering, so if you haven't done 'em come on out! The amazing thing is at the end and even during we find ourselves as Liz said "deliriously happy"!
So if you've had a good year - CONGRATS. If your season is still going on - go get 'em! Ride hard, ride fast and ride safe.
Oh yeah, as far as my ride today - just a "2 looper" since I'm somewhere between recovery and taper. Lots of wheel suckin' with 2 efforts - a sprint to try and catch Jim, but was in bad position and got out late. Then I tried a flyer a few miles before the bridge in hopes of some day being the first one up that thing. I think I gapped 'em for a little while, but as the "summit" loomed closer the big guy got stomped by the climbers again..................maybe next time.

Nice pic John and great blog. Barb must really like your blog cuz she has sent me the link 3 times.
Shouldn't you be packing John? There's racing to do. HA! See you in 48. Later.
Packing? I still havn't UNpacked from the 18 hour last weekend. Guess I better check on those bananas and oranges in the cooler in the trunk. Been getting a strange smell from back there.....
I'm just glad I finally got the link to your Blog! Been hearing about it for a while.
Barb wants Monkey Butt Powder for Christmas.
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