Saturday, August 27, 2005


A Great Ride

I was getting a bit regretful about my decision to ride 3 solo endurance events in 6 weeks. My legs and body still didn't feel quite recovered from the 18 hrs last week. So I set out early this AM to some group rides with a bit of apprehension.

After 60+ miles with three consecutive groups my legs felt better at the end than the beginning. Yeaaaaaa baby.

Many Team riders were up in Richmond for the State Time Trail but there was still plenty of power in the peloton.

The one regroup during the 7:15 ride :
Ride1 Regroup1

Gathering for the 8:30:
CONTE'S 8:30 Ride

8:30 regroup, we got off from this stop sloooow so I had to go out on a fake break to jack up the pace.

People would come and go, but we never got any smaller. Rolling out on the last loop:
Ride3 Forwardcrop

I hope everyone got many miles in! The cooler temps sure felt good.



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