Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Word for the day ---- FLAT

Got back out to try a group ride and see how my legs felt. I luckily avoided the ultra-fast 6AM group, my legs wanted NO part of that pace today. Legs felt a bit flat on my warmup ride down there, but they didn't feel too too bad once I got rollin' with the group. One mini-pull then some primo wheel suckin' to hang on. I was already fading OTB on our "big" climb up the bridge and noticed my front end gets a bit wobbly......you guessed it, a FLAT :

As I was sitting there fixing it a nice lady pulled up in her car and said she saw me there and turned around to offer her assistance. Man thats a first! The world is a beautiful place with beautiful people! Two CO2's later I'm rollin again and the rain is falling harder. I spin around the neaighborhood to see if the next group is coming, then see Jim pedalling back on his own. I bet they all pulled into Panera's for coffee.

Heading home on wet roads I slow into a red light and her this pfft...pfft...pfft...pfft like something's rubbing on my front wheel. Check the brakes, no rub, hmmmm. Then as I start off again I realize I'm hearing the air leaking out in bubbles through the puddles. Another FLAT

Getting home I look at the driver side rear tire of my car...................you guessed it - another FLAT!

Three flats before 9AM, its a beautiful day. Maybe some sort of devine intervention?


man, where are you riding, a nail factory?
Bad day with the flats eh?

I guess it just wasn't meant to be.....Still git 25 miles in so it wasn't a total loss.
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