Friday, August 26, 2005


Passion and the Joy of Cycling - Do You Have IT?

Preface - This entry has been on deck in the drafts section for a while. I didn't publish it because I was never quite sure I portrayed what I was meaning to :

I just got the updated standings for the JMC competition and my old High School track teammate John J. Looks like he's raging on to another win. He'll get a free entry to RAAM and some other stuff. But if you figure the amount of time, effort and money it took to attend all those events and ride for days on end, is IT really worth it?

IT certainly seems crazy to most, but those that have the bug, the passion, the feeling for the ride, to those that have IT, it's just second nature. You can tell right away when you meet someone who has IT, when you talk to them about cycling they're eyes light up with fire, they're face glows with a huge grin. When they're riding they're transformed. It doesn't matter how fast or far they go, whether they come in first or last, they just GO - because they love it. It's freedom, it's exercise, it's effort, it's pain, it's glory, it's sweat, it's tears, it's all you want and need it to be and much more.
It's well known that for all his natural talent Jan Ulrich didn't like riding. I'm sure he liked winning, he liked the fame and popularity, but do you think he enjoyed IT as much as Lance? I doubt it.
Boston Montreal Boston is finished and Sandy Whittlesey "won" again. 750 miles, 30 THOUSAND feet of climbing in just over 42 hours. That's 12 hours AHEAD of the next rider. I've seen Sandy ride, and he definitely has IT. Hammering up a 12 percent grade, lapping riders (including me) , he was ALWAYS smiling and offering words of encouragement. DO people win without IT, sure all the time.
I was going to list a bunch of other people that if seen with IT, but heck, they know who they are and they really don't need or even WANT that recognition. It did pull and save a pic from the net a long time ago that pretty much says IT :
I have absolutely know idea who this is. I pulled the photo from the gallery of the Southern Lights 24/7 gallery almost a year ago.
But I believe it's safe to say she has IT!
I went ahead and published this "unfinished" entry because it really has allot to do with the next (above) rant.

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