Saturday, August 27, 2005


I Thought I was Pissed

So I get back from an absolutely great 3 1/2 hour ride with some great people, and I check my e-mail, then browse some blogs. What I see absolutely astounds me. I'm sooooo furious I can't see straight. I don't get upset very often (I probably should). I can only think of maybe 2 times in my life that I've lost my temper (one was on a bike, but that's another story). So I walked around then went grocery shopping to cool down before writing this.

It turns out Jeff Kerkove has been BOOTED from the solo World Championships and banned for one year from any event run by 24HoA (24 Hours of adrenaline). Why? Was it a bad blood test? Unsportsmanlike conduct in a race? Was he guilty of cheating?

Nope. The organizer booted and banned him because of comments Jeff made in an online forum at It turns out that 24HoA changed the date for a race in Conyers 6 weeks before the event. The thread was started by Namrita (a 24hr solo racer from Ga.) with a simple question - Is the fee 24HoA is charging worth it? This is America and this is a forum, so everyone had (and HAS) their chance to be heard. I was following the thread regularly because it's dealing with an issue very important to me and all other solo riders - the cost we pay and the value we receive.

Then it turns out that 24HoA will not give refunds to those that have paid the $400 solo entry fee and can't make it. They even refused giving a refund to Heather Mosely who couldn't make it because she came down with mono. The race organizer (24HoA owner) Stuart's last reply to her email was "Leave me alone". This is after Heather apologized publicly to Stuart for comments she felt were "hurtful" (IMO they weren't) in a previous post.

Jeff's comments in the thread were totally within reason, without malice or aggression, and for this Stuart boots him from the race. Now I don't know Jeff aside from regularly reading his blog. I know he was targeting this event and planning his training to peak for it. He even called it "The Best Event in the World" the day before he got the news. He has what must be the most popular endurance racing blog out there, and for good reason(s). Its honest, entertaining, and written by someone who obviously rides with a passion, and rides well. The blog provides us riders with good reading and provides his sponsors with tons of exposure. I bought my ERGON mountain bike grips because of info from his site.....AND they work! I HAVE had the opportunity to meet and talk to Heather and its readily apparent that she too has an extreme passion for endurance riding. These are the very people that keep the sport, and these events alive! WTF was Stuart thinking? He banned Jeff for 1 year, I doubt his business will survive much longer than that.

I thought I was pissed, but I'm really just astounded and amazed. Amazed that Stuart could be SO stupid, so ignorant of his business, so blind to the riders, to pull such an inane stunt. Jeff will find other events to ride, and he won't have to drive 2 days to get there. I for one impose a LIFETIME ban on myself from any and all 24HoA event. This IS America and we vote with our wallet.

Thanks for reading this.


The date for World's was not changed. The date for another 24 HOA event in October was.

My bad and corrected!
and your icon rocks
Does anyone have this guys emial address... I would love to drop him a note as well.

Best of rides
Nick Martin
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