Sunday, August 14, 2005


A Legend is Lost

Today is the last day the Duck-In is open. After more than 50 years it's closing the doors to be bull-dozed and replaced by more expensive luxury condos.
It's sad to see, but I guess that's progress? Although it's right down the street I seldom go there, but I'll still miss it. I wont miss the Beach Parties that consumed 50 kegs of beer and all the local parking spots. I sure wont miss the drunken partiers stumbling down the street to all hours of the morning. I'll miss the landmark, the history, the volleyball games and the views. They also had a great bowl of fishermans chowder and the stuffed flounder was none too bad!

A view from the gazebo, maybe they wont knock this down too..

A bunch of folks went out south to Pungo to get in 50-100 miles this AM but I had to honor the promise I made to my legs - they're due a day or two of rest. So just some easy spinnin' around the neighborhood and Sea Shore today. It was low tide so (after carrying my bike over the deep sand) I actually was able to ride down the beach for a while - FUN.


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