Wednesday, August 10, 2005


"My Brake was Rubbing - Honest!"

These groups rides are becoming great lactate threshold workouts. Only a few weeks and I can feel the difference.

Today on the way to the 7:15 ride the faaaast train rolled by me and I jumped on the caboose. Pace was sub 30 so I could hang as long as I didn't drift back. Pulls from the front were shorter today so as we round the turn south onto Atlantic I find myself in position 5. There's NO way I'm pulling at this speed so I had to hope I made it to a red light or the neighborhood a few miles down the road. Jim takes a pull and just flat drops the hammer. 4th wheel falls off and I jump around him to keep touch, constantly shifting as the speed rises. Just as I bridge, 3rd wheel falls off and now the first two have gapped us. One MORE time I jump and make contact, but I'm spun out of the gear I'm in and when I try to shift, I find out there are no more! Sheeeeet mon. I have a compact crankset on the Six13 and the 50/12 was just not enough to hang with the big dogs. Live and learn.

I take some pulls on the next 2 rides and am feeling great, but all of the sudden I'm really having trouble hangin' on and go waaaay of the back. My legs just can't make the bike go faster. At the regroup someone tells me to check my rear wheel, its out of true. I look back and see this -------->

Yep, its an old excuse but this time its true! The wheel was so out of true the brake was rubbing. I open the brakes and she wobbles freely. Then I get met with a torrential storm on the way back home. By the time I get there my legs are dead again. I pick up the bike to hang it and it feels like it weighs about 50 pounds. WTF! Are my arms dead too?

I pull the rear wheel to get it trued and find out the dam thing is filled with water! It got in between the carbon and the rim. lol - Just a new form of resistance training.

Till next time,

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