Thursday, August 11, 2005


"I Dream of EPICs"

Its time to plan something but I'm not quite sure what. Something that pushes the envelope a bit, creates some great memories, something on a bicycle........ some sort of EPIC!

Not this Epic, although it might be part of the equation.

Not this (2006 all carbon) Epic either, but it would still be nice to have!

Nope its going to have to be this kind of EPIC:

epĀ·ic :
1) Surpassing the usual or ordinary, particularly in scope or size
2) Heroic and impressive in quality.

The USPostal loco's had a great EPIC earlier this year.

JK started his own EPIC, and its on the must do list but that's not till next year.

HM has got an awesome EPIC planned.........2 rolled into 1! I'm jealous.

I guess for now I'll just have to dream of the next EPIC, while focusing on the matters at hand:

Looks like an awesome new venue,definitely a back to the roots race, $50 solo entry fee! I'm preriding it this weekend.

2 weeks later its up to Pa. for 7Springs.

Then off to upstate NY . The 540 has EPIC potential but I'm only planning on 2 loops so I can get the 1 JMC point I need to get the medal. You'd have to be crazy to drive 20 total hours to ride 270 miles with 14000 feet of climbing just to get a 5 dollar medal that will get lost in the back of a drawer somewhere. Yep. huzzzaaaaah!

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