Thursday, August 04, 2005


Thursday Group Ride

I Tried to get a casual 8 mile warm-up in on the way to the loop before the ride before the return loop. Next thing I know a freight train starts to overtake me. Its the FAST guys from the 6AM ride that starts at the Norwegian Lady on 24th St.

If can't cruise at 30 this is not the group to be in. Stupid instincts take over and I jump on the last wheel. I'm hangin on @ 28 then the pace increases - 29, 30 , 32. We're flying down Atlantic and I'm barely on the group. Some people are falling back but I've got to try to hang. The pace increases AGAIN and I look up and see the leaders have jumped onto the draft of a bus going over 35, yeeeeeeeeeeesh. I'm OTB and half blind, but I'm not alone. We re-group in the neighborhood and cruise to thier finish, my start.

After the pre-loop we meet up with the 8AM ride. Turns out we have few visiting pros in to ride with us today. They're down visiting relatives after having competed in the Tour de 'Toona in Pa.

Elisa from Team Lipton was there.

So was Chris from Fiordifrutta. It turns out that one of the C'Dale engineers is on Chris's team and they work closely together designing their bikes. He was rollin' on this SWEEEET new 2006 Six13.Chris took a good long pull and thankfully kept it reasonably within our pace, he wasn't even breathing hard.

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