Friday, August 05, 2005


Back to the Motherland

Travel day today to head up and pre-ride the 7Springs 24 hr course. I stopped up here after Big Bear a while back but had a bit of trouble finding the entire course, mainly because of new construction on the mountain and poor marking. I spent many years in and around PBurgh a while ago and it always feels good to be back. Granted dahnt-on Somerset isn't the Burgh but its close enough to make me smile.

Man I thought I knew how to pack a car for a road trip but I spotted a true master of the trade on the way up here:

He was flyin' in the fast lane up 64, so I caught his wheel and pulled a slingshot off the draft to make a sneaky pass:

Got to give him a 10 on the use of tie-downs and bungee cords, He did save some $$$ by not using a rack.

Checked into the BW Somerset- free Wi-Fi Internet, continental breakfast and a room with an awesome view!

Reports on the course to follow.


Love that view! Ahhh, Trucker Culture.
Hope to get up the Springs soon.
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