Tuesday, August 09, 2005


7Springs maps are up

Here's a comparison map of this years 24 hour course to last years.

This years course is the black highlighted in purple. Last years is in red. I'd like to give credit to the guy that made the GPS map of last years route, but I lost the link to the site were I downloaded it. So if you're out there and see this -----THANKS! Drop my a note.

This is the elevation profile. Keep in mind that this profile represents riding the loops backward, Mile 1-8 is actually the second half or backside of the course, mile 8-12 is the front side or first 4 miles or so of the course. DeLorme gives approximately 2100 feet of climbing per lap! 450 in the first 4 miles and 1650 in the next 8. Does this seem a bit high? Maybe, but there are a lot of small ups and downs in there. The GPS was set to grab 100 track points per mile. My Polar gave a total of close to 1700 feet of climbing so its somewhere in between, and very close to the same amount as last year. If you have trouble viewing the large originals of the above click here and here. A more complete course review is down below.

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